My Largest Bass, A Florida 10lb bass on a pocket frog lure

Though I live right here in central Florida I am no bass fisherman. I often drive by some of best bass fishing water ways to get into saltwater.  This time of year however the ever popular large mouth is a great option when the weather is not great and time is limited for me.  With the cold weather the bugs are gone, the fish get shallow and are more aggressive.

So this week, while sitting in Washington DC in 20 degree weather, nothing to do, I was texting my friend Nik about fishing.   I told him when I get back the next day I wanted to do some bass fishing. We made plans to meet up at 7:30 for some coffee and car pooled down to the ponds.
Lunkerhunter pocket frog

Nik was throwing a spook, a walk the dog lure and I tried a small popper which I have had previous success with. While Nik was catch a few fish I was getting nothing, not even a strike.

10lb bass

Since I wanted to stay with the top water(much more fun) I brought a small Lunker frog with me. (They have these at Dick’s Sporting goods) Since I’m no expert in bait caster just yet, this thing was so small I went to my ultra light spinner combo.

The set up consist of a ultralight 13 Envy black, Daiwa Exceler w/ 15lb Mustad wish braid with a short leader. Going straight braid on top water I get too many tangles, the braid sinks changing the action a bit.

Florida 10lb bass

At this point we decided to switch ponds. To my surprise on my 2nd cast with this virgin frog I get an eat.  Time stood still what seem an eternity but it was more like 1 second before I set the hook.

Most little fish when you set the hook they jump immediately. This fish waited and then came up with a head shake. Both Nik and I went holy @!#$@. Nik grabed his phone to start shooting video and I did my best to keep the line tight. With a few more head shakes she finally got tired enough to land.

As you can see in the video we were giddy like school girls. This fish is by far my largest bass to date and the first fish on a frog lure.

No scale near by but we measured her against the rod at 25″. On location we guessed it was about 8lbs but when I got home to look up the chart it was more like 10 to 12lbs. Holy cow, no wonder I’m getting so much love on FB and Instagram.

Texas Weight Chart says 10lbs

FWC calculation with 20″ girth says 12lbs

I’ve been told it is all down hill from here as far as bass fishing goes.

Went out with my buddy Nikita Comeau this morning for a couple hours for some Bass fishing. Lucked into to this toad of…

Posted by Sam Root on Thursday, January 14, 2016