Kayak Bass Fishing the local ponds of Tampa Bay.

To me it’s all about seasons .. and this is the season to bass fish.

Took the kayak out this weekend to do a little bass fishing. I’m not a big bass fisherman by any means. However, this time of year people tell me the fishing can be excellent. With the colder weather the fish are getting ready to spawn and are more aggressive.


Not having a motor a long run in a big lake is out of the question.  This means small local ponds with no ramps. We had to fish areas that was filled with hydrillas. Fishing mostly salt, I was definitely not use to this concept. Needless to say I struggled. I read that the big bass loves these hydrilla.


I experimented with a worm and did catch one small one. The best bite came using the micro popper and a panfish/trout rod by No8 Tackle. With quick pops these fish were coming out of the water for them.


Working pockets in the hydrilla that was just bellow the surface was the key to success today. With the overcast skies and the front coming in it might have made them more aggressive as well.




Yes, like I have a big fish lost story as well. The bass ate the top water popper and pulled drag. He got me into the hydrilla pretty easily. With a panfish rod and tiny hooks I had no chance.


I ended the half day fishing trip with about 10 strikes and landed 5. The largest fish came in a about 4 lbs on the boga grip.

When the fish is this aggressive Bass fishing is pretty fun. The next couple months I will experiment with more freshwater I’m thinking. I want to learn to frog fish and do some crappie fishing as well. Freshwater shore.com …. just don’t sound right..lol