Fenwick HMG spinning rod

The lineup of HMG spinning rods by Fenwick have been my everyday user for the past few months. The features of this rod model a high-end graphite rod, with a low-end price.

A few things I absolutely loved about this rod was the TAC handle, which seems to be a sort of mixture between cork and foam along with the Fuji polished reel seat. These give the rod an awesome look and really stand out against most other rods. The TAC technology was developed so you have more grip when your hands are wet and/or slippery. personally this handle has been the most comfortable out of any rods I’ve owned. The guides are deep pressed titanium, and absolute must for any competitive rod out there so there should be no worrying about having an eye fall out. prices run about $100 for these rods which is very competitive.

you can find them here->> fenwick HMG Spinning Rod, 6.75′


Just last week it pulled this 38” Snook right out from the mangroves with a ZMan scented paddler.

I had the rod paired with a Penn Conflict 2500 and #15 Power Pro, I’d like to mention that I know the conflict is old news, especially with the release of the new Penn Clash but when I say this has been one of the most LASTING smooth reels I’ve ever owned, I mean it. Dropped it in 5’ of water my first week owning it and couldn’t find it for an hour, took it apart, cleaned it and slapped her full of grease/oil. It still is just as smooth as the day I took it out of the box. And due to my clumsiness, I’ve had to repeat the process a few times. The conflict is a pristine example of what penn is know for, a DURABLE and high performing reel.

This Combo is now my go to “twitchbait” setup, along with the occasional 1/8-1/4 oz jig head setup.

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