Two Minute Tackle: Action Hat by Live Live Gear

So you are into the gopro, action cameras, and the pov film yourself craze. If you are like most people, one of thing you don’t like is wearing the goofy strap on your head. Beside being zero sun protection it looks a bit awkward.

I mean on the top of head is all great if you are jumping off cliffs or skateboarding because already have a helmet on. If you’re fishing however, a helmet is a bit much.

Well in comes to the market place is the Action Hat but Live live how. The the head wear looks just like any simple 6 panel hat at first glance. A closer inspection however shows us some holes and these holes allows you have a universal gopro type camera mount. The hat is reinforced with internal rigid plastic to minimized movement and is lined with soft foam for comfort. The foam also allows the hat to float which is a bonus since the cameras can get as high as $500.00 these days.

The camera mount is secured by two stainless steel screws(recessed beneath the foam) and can be moved around the 5 different areas to change angles. You can also add extra mounts as well. Since the mount is universal gopro type, the accessories are almost endless. Mounts like, phone, 1/4 20 thread, ball pivot, and a double mount is just a few possibilities.

For those that are not into the pov gopro rage, the price point can be a bit much. But then again if you are, when you capture that unforgettable moment it can be priceless.

It currently comes in black or camo at the initial launch.

The Action Hat retails for $39.95. It’s available online at or at select dealers.