Weekend in Miami Monster Mike and Darcizzle Offshore

I was over in Miami Friday and Saturday to do some video with peeps I met vie social media.

Darcie who has a large following on facebook, youtube as well twitter and Instagram is an avid fisher women. She is probably more well known for fishing in a bikini but she loves to fish and of course all the attention that comes along with it.

CWssLmcVEAA-wuv.jpg large


I shot an interview video with her and will be putting it together here soon.
Here is head shot of the Darci after the interview.


Monster Mike Wilson is quite a character. An ex MMA fighter turned crazy fisherman that goes by the name Monster Mike. He is probably about only about 5′ tall but his personality is larger than life. I hung out with him for a few hours. We talked fishing, did some fishing, ate and chat about his passion.

Mike only started to show his catches on social media couple years ago and has went from a few hundred to well over 40,000 followers on Instagram.


I shot some video of the interview with Monster Mike as well but there is a quick little social media 15 second clip.