Aguadrone, a waterproof drone made for fishermen

Every time I take the dji drone out while on the water the first question that get asked is, “what if it falls in the water?”
My reply is, it is done, you can pretty much toss it.

The next statement is usually , “They should make a waterproof one.”
Then the next one , “they should have bait clip on there and even a sonar.”

Well apparently someone out there has been thinking these same very same thoughts. These guys have built prototype of a waterproof drone that is modular. The quad copter can have a camera, a water activated sonar/fishfinder and a payload clip with a remote release.

fishing drone

So if you are one of those fisherman that has thought about this concept, here it is. The video shows the prototype flying, landing on the water with sonar and carrying bait.

The campaign and video is on