Ceramic hybrid bearing for fishing reels, better performance from Boca Bearings

The last couple days I was on the east coast to do an offshore shoot.  As luck will have it,  the weather came in early and we had to cancel.

I decided to stay over an extra day to do a a couple of the factory tour videos from people I know.  Jeff from Boca Bearings,  who works on the fishing side, was kind enough to do a little walk through video and as well as this reel upgrade video.
boca b
The video shows how dramatic the increase in performance of your bait casting reel can be just from upgrading the bearings. This upgrades only takes about 5 minutes and the free spin rate is night and day.  Boca have kits for most popular reels both spin and bait casting.  If your reel is not listed, just give them the measurements they can probably put together a kit for you.

If you have a reel that has been dunked and making noise or it is just not as smooth as it use to be Boca Bearings might be able to solve your problems.

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