13 Fishing and No. 8 Tackle Office/Factory tour in Tampa, Florida

13 fishing is a fishing product company based out of Tampa, Florida.

Their first entry into the market place a few years ago was ice fishing. Yes, quite odd to be based in here in Florida. Now they have grown their operations to cover bass,inshore fishing, Musky fishing, and they tell me offshore is in productions.

The company is aiming towards the middle to higher end market with focus on what anglers are asking for.  Things like, cork grips, fit and finish, custom species specific actions and as well as components specific to the angling needs. They even have custom design reel section the website.

Though all this sounds like sales speak, cut and paste press release stuff you can get anywhere, they have actually ask me:  “What can be changed to make it better? do you like the grip? what do you think of the price point?  how about the lure keeper? Do you  like the action?” I don’t know about you guys, but I do not often get asked these questions by many companies.

Asking questions like these is always a good sign that company wants get better and take more of the market share. This is great for the consumer in the end.

As far as reels goes they have the Concept series of bait casting reels.  As with any high end series of reels, the weight, material, quality varies from the series A, C, E to the KP. They even have a trickshop where you can custom build your own reel. Team colors, materials, handles can all be built to your liking.

They also have a sister company No. 8 Tackle which is aim more towards economy, durability, and function. The ones I have used are the Hellbent series. At $59.00 retail they have definitely found a great price point. We used them for a week in Louisiana catching hundreds of bull reds on them and they past that test with high marks.







I had the opportunity to visit their warehouse/headquarters last week and shot a little walk through so you guys can check it out.