Rubberize Your Trolling Motor

If you use your trolling motor as much as I do in shallow oyster ridden water, it’s going get a few scrapes and scratches on it. Once the saltwater finds its way under the powder coating it’s all over! Rust and corrosion inevitably set in and all you’re left with is an eye-sore on the bow of your boat. The solutions is simple, before you ever get the first scratch go ahead and spray the motor head with 3M Undercoating. This will act as a “bed-liner” type coating and give your trolling motor the protection and look it ought to have.



– Make sure you sand the trolling motor head with a light scuff to give the spray something to adhere to.

– Clean all the rust and corrosion (if any) off before spraying it with the 3M.

– Wipe down with acetone to make sure there is no grease or oils from your hands (this will ensure the spray cures properly).

– Tape off the head leaving the two rings exposed. I used painters tape and a paper bag.

– Run a piece of painters tape in between the prop and the head so you don’t get any spray inside that space, this will inhibit your prop spinning correctly. Then       cover the prop with a paper bag or whatever you feel is best.

– Before spraying the motor spray a piece of cardboard to see how it comes out, the last thing you want is a giant glob of rubber hanging off the motor.



Hopefully this helps all you “shallow water trollers”  keep your gear protected and looking clean.

Take care, Sawyer

Old South Angler