Portable Fish Finder 101


Whether you are fishing ponds in your neighborhood or at your local pier, portable fish finders are giving the average angler a chance to see what is beneath the surface where they only had to guess before.  After seeing a few different models at iCAST this year, I decided to try the FishHunter Portable Fish Finder to see for myself how this new piece of technology works.


The FishHunter is made to Military Grade spec and fits in the palm of your hand. It can be cast, thrown or even trolled. Weighing in at just over 4oz. it is small enough to fit in a cargo pocket with ease.

When this unit arrived, it needed to be charged for approximately 3hrs. and while it was charging I downloaded the FishHunter Pro App for my smartphone. The app is very easy to use and even offers features to log your catch. Once the unit was charged, I attached it to the line on one of my heavier rods so I could cast it int the pond. (It takes water to activate and turn on the unit and using bluetooth it will work with your smart-device.)  The FishHunter landed with a rather large splash and as it was settling down, I opened the app and paired it with my smartphone. After logging in and selecting my preferences, I started getting data. This particular unit, just gives data looking straight down. However, they have a new unit that will be available soon which will have a directional 3D sonar.



You have two choices of view: Fish View (Above)  OR Raw Data (Below)


I will be updating this post with new photos and comments as I try it out in different scenarios. Please be sure to post any questions or leave a suggestion in the comments on any specific tests you’d like to see.


Product Information Link:   FishHunter 3.0