New Stradic FK (Review & Field Test)

Lets jump right into it, the new Stradic FK by Shimano is everything it’s always been, smooth, sleek and functional. This year Shimano has played with the color again straying away from the notorious white and replacing it with a more stylish platinum finish.  Although still light weight and powerful as ever, there are a few minor changes in the technology that make the new reel slightly more rigid, powerful and durable.

Loomis-Shimano II (1 of 4)


One of the most important (to me) is the addition of several seals at potential water access points and the removal of the anti-reverse switch. This eliminates possible points of entry for saltwater to penetrate into the body, thus adding to the lifespan of the reel. I can always use a few more years of life on a reel.

Since the removal of the anti-reverse switch, the anti-reverse bearing design has been reworked. The new bearing design was constructed to reduce friction by 25%. This new rotor design is actually 200% more rigid than the FJ model, and that increase in rigidity is designed to provide anglers with greater power when fighting fish.

Loomis-Shimano II back (1 of 1)

Next, they have added an additional ball bearing. This gives the reel a smoother rotation when reeling and fighting fish. In my opinion a reel can’t be “too smooth”.

A few more improvements include a lighter overall weight (1 oz. to be exact). Integration of the “G Free Body” technology, which just means they shifted the center of gravity closer to the rod itself making for a more comfortable feel in the angler’s hand (this design was first utilized in the Stella).

Homo S&R 8-29-2015 (12 of 14)

Homo S&R 8-29-2015 (3 of 14)

As far as fighting big snook and redfish…Its get the job done just like the old ones did.

Although the price point has increased by about $20 (was $179 now $199) the reel has been improved as well. Are the changes worth the price increase? Maybe…you be the judge.

Take care, Sawyer