ICAST 2015, What is new at Simms Fishing for 2016

Simms is no doubt one of the more popular player in fishing specific apparel. Once known only for their waders and outwear they have made great strides covering all angles for the angler fresh and saltwater fishing life style.

Every year at ICAST I do a new product video line up of their latest greatest apparel as well as bags, gadgets, and such. As usually this year Simms has over 140 plus new items to the already massive line up.

Here is Dave Chouinard dave@chouinardoutdoor.com , arguably the most energetic , some times misunderstood, but always entertaining SIMMS personality I know. He is doing the 2016 line up run down.

note: My personal favorite item is the Z series line of waterproof bag. I have the back pack and looking to get the sling pack this year. They are bulletproof and in my not so humble personal opinion, best water proof(it’s air tight using a zipper) on the boat bags for my camera gear as of this writing I’ve used.