A $59.00 Saltwater Rod with full cork handle? Hellbent inshore rods Review

No 8 Tackle is a sister company of 13 Fishing. They are based out of Tampa Florida and has increased in market share steadily in the last couple years.

I was visting the office they wanted me to try out a new rod they came out with call the Hell Bent inshore
They asked me to guess how much it was. I looked it, noticed the nice grip, the full cork handle and the fairly light weight. I blurted out $100 to $149 retail. They told me it was retailing for $59.00.

I don’t know about you but most ot he rods I have seen at $59.00 is either an ugly stick or fresh water rods that don’t last very long in the salt. I don’t believe I have even seen a $59.00 rod with full cork and stainless steel guides made for saltwater.


They let me use a medium light model to try out. I used it during a tournament and fished it for 8 hours on the water. I casted plugs, jigs and jerk baits. I must say it feels pretty good. Much nicer than any $59.00 rod I have ever used. The rod feels like a $100 rod easy.


The grip was contour, the cork when it gets wet you don’t loose grip. The weight was good, not as light as the high end $260 Envy rods which was understandable.


The rod has a nice soft tip. It cast lures well and should have no problem with shrimp and white bait.


If you are looking to get a decent rod under $60.00 it is definitely worth checking out. I would think guides would love this rod as well for their clients. I would recommend this rod to anyone wanting an economical good rod with cork and casting action. I’ve only tried one of the model but they have over 12 variations of the Hellbent rods all under $60.00