Florida Spring Osceola Turkey

March 3rd 2015

Today I took the early drive to meet up with Mike Sims to shoot some photos of Osceola Turkey. Armed with only my camera and my Walmart camo.. we walked into Mike’s favorite turkey spot and settled in before the sun came up.

Besides getting the gear ready all I had was time on my hand. Now it was time to wait and wait and wait until they started to show up.

Though I did not see any gobblers today we saw plenty of jakes walking about. First one showed up, then a about 10 minutes pass a flock of them showed up. It was quite exciting.

I must say I kind of like being on the ground and not having to worry about my camera getting saltwater all over them. I think I will be shopping for some better camo very soon and try this again. Hope to get some gobblers in the lens next time.