January 2015 Fishing report, Tampa Bay Florida, Some times you need to launch twice

Star Date Jan 26th 2015, Tampa Florida (a little Star Trek Geek reference)


I tried to do some fishing Friday morning and I have to say after being out there for 3 hours and only a catching a micro snook I was quite disappointed.

I had figure before the Saturday front the fishing would be good, I was completely wrong.  The lack of bait the lack of mullet in the area It was a tough morning.


This Sunday with the winds down I figure I would try some winter spots near the river.  Again, it was virtually empty. It wasn’t too long ago I told you the snook were near their spring area but with the ever changing conditions and the mild winter they are moving in a very unpredictable pattern. Well at least that is my excuse. 🙂


We struggled with working mullet schools if we found them.  I did manage to catch a decent trout and a rat red over some patchy grass pothole area.

I was tired of blind casting and not getting any bites. It was a sunny day for a change so I decided to relaunch in a area where the bottom would be sandy. This way if there were fish there at least I could see them. Seeing them makes me feel like I”m not casting in vain.  After all rule number one of catching fish is “fish where the fish are at”


We loaded up the Sandpiper    and relaunched about noon. This way the sun would be high and the visibility would be idea.

We ran to about 2′ of water and put the trolling motor down. I wasn’t concern about spook fish at this point, I just wanted to see them to build confidence. At last I would know we were not just casting to sand.




We started to spook a few fish so I put the trolling motor on low and worked areas that were 2′ to 3′ of water. Most of the fish we saw were very spooky and we had no chance.

A few did eat however which made up for the first part of the day.


What did they eat? We were using the Logic lure in gold body and black back. I tried a silver color and they did not like that at all.  Using the 1/16oz worked best as the 1/4oz made too much of a splash.



Wingmaster Sandpiper 150
Wingmaster Sandpiper 150


After a few reds we lost the light and called it day about 3pm. All we saw were redfish,  the snooks after this front, I believe have moved back towards their winter area.

Logic lure rigged weedless Gold body with black back soft plastic with a 1/16oz jig head was the lure of choice.

Using braid 10 to 15lb test will allow you to cast a good distance.  I was using a 40lb leader but for reds you can use 20lb leader no problem.