Flamingo Trip

Over the holiday break a few buddies and I took a trip to flamingo to try and catch  up with some “tailers”. With the warm weather and calm seas we knew it was going be a great trip. It was a warm 82’ during the day and a cool 67’ at night. The mosquitoes were only bad at dusk and dawn, I never once applied bug spray.

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As for the fishing….it couldn’t have been better. We had constant action all day. Even if we weren’t catching fish, we were in pursuit of fish and watching tails pop up and fall over in the distance. It was so slick we could see a tailing fish from over 100yrds away and that is being modest. Its only $15 to get in the park and about that much to camp every night.

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The park is equipped with running water and restroom facilities for the “not-so-die-hard” camper. You can also opt to stay on a Chicke’e (a dock on the water) if want a true everglades experience. If you are looking for a great trip as a family or just with friends I recommend you take a look at Flamingo in Everglades National Park.

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*PS you may want to pick up a map because it can be a little tricky to navigate.



Take care, Sawyer