Casting to Blasting!

This time of year as the climate changes from its fall pattern to absolutely freezing we tend to encounter high winds, rain and absolutely disgusting weather patterns. During this transition my fishing buddies and I take a break from the rods and reels and pull out the blue steel. While this weather may not be conducive for fishing the flats it makes for excellent duck hunting conditions. The only time of year when you read the weather report and say to yourself “25 mph winds, overcast and a slight drizzle all f*ing day…..PERFECT!”

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In a sense duck hunting to is a lot like fishing. You have to either use a boat or wade, hours of scouting an area or region is necessary to do well and it requires skill with a tool (gun/rod) to hook/kill your intended target.  I lead a flying duck with my shotgun just as I would lead a cruising fish with my fly or lure. A shot too close or too far behind and they immediately change flight patterns, much like a fish would spook in the water when presented with a poor cast. In my opinion the sport of hunting waterfowl is perhaps one of the most thrilling, technical hunting available in the United States.

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The best part about the hunt is of course eating your catch! You wouldn’t believe how many ways there are to cook waterfowl.

Visit Ducks Unlimited  website to check out all the great recipes.

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If you are looking to try your hand at duck hunting remember to grab a hunting license and duck stamp from you local hunting outfitter of online at

Take care, Sawyer