Wingmaster Boats, the Sandpiper 150


Wingmater boats is a boat company out of Lakeland Florida. You guys probably have not heard of them but they have been building skiffs/boats for other companies for over 10 years.

This year they decided to start building their own line of boats. Their first boat is a micros skiff named the Sandpiper 150. It is named after the shore birds and the dimensions is 14 feet 8 inches with the widest point of the boat to be 52″.

With 25 years in experience in composite including the 10 just in boats they wanted to make something special. They wanted to build a quality boat and decided to start off by building everything with Carbon Kevlar.

Quite impressive considering most other boat companies charge extra for Kevlar.


Thought it is not a tunnel hull and does not run any shallower than other boats of this size, it does floats really skinny. Depending on load its draft is 4 to 6 inches. With a 15hp package I got up to 24mph with me at 200lbs and my friend Josh who weighs in at 250lbs plus gear.


That boat has a poling platform and like the boat is also made out of carbon. The chine on the on the front was a little concern to me. I was thinking that it might made for some some hull slap. However with an angler up front, the chine goes under the water line and the boat is very quiet. I would think the same goes if you had a trolling motor up front and you are the only angler.


The package they are selling it with included the Carbon Kevlar boat, the 15 hp 4 stroke Tohatsu motor and custom built aluminum trailer for a $7995.00. Compare to everything else it sounds like a pretty good price point. If you don’t want the motor or already have one, they do sell the hull and trailer for $6195. They do not sell the boat with out the custom trailer at this time.


Besides running it to get some pics, I have not fished out of it yet. I am waiting for a trolling motor to be installed. After this I will be taking it on a fishing road trip to get even more media. Can’t wait to get some fish slime on it.

3wm sandpiper 150skiff

This is me running the Sandpiper 150 using the gopro hero 4 in slow motion mode at 120fps at 1080p

Aerial of the Sandpiper 150