Lunker trout Tampa fishing with Capt. Stephen

Got an invite to go out and do a little scouting with Capt. Stephen of No Worries Charters this fine  Saturday  morning. With us was Stephen’s friend Vinny.


The air was brisk. It is indeed starting to feel like fall. As we idle out with saw some finger mullets and chased them around for a bit. After a throw to put a few bait int he live well we moved on to see what we can find.


All I brought with me was my camera, one rod and a couple top waters. It was going to be a short day  so bringing lots of gear just was not in the cards.



It didn’t take us long as my first cast was exploded on with a nice jack.  The cast over the rock pile paid off. The boys pulled a couple small snooks and lady fish.

We worked the shore line as the tides funnels out. I have to say the top water the lure of choice today. I landed a small snook and lost a nicer one a bit later.

Stephen using the jig got his trout and black drum.  Vinny was getting hits but his hooks was defective this day as they kept on coming unbutton.

My prized fish was the this chunky trout that slammed the TA Cross over top water.  I had lost a nice snook earlier so I was trying to be very very carely this baby. I loosen the drag as to not tear the hook out. Trout has very soft mouths so a heavy drag is not a good thing.






We ended the day scouting a near by flats for schools of redfish but all we found were large mullet every where.  By this time it was about lunch time and we called it a day.

The bite was excellent this morning. If only we had landed a couple of the big snook it would have been over the top. Thanks , Stephen we will get them snook next time!



96 fps slow motion of Vinny tossing the cast net. I then slowed it down more in post using Sony Vegas editing software.