A portable Fly line management system the Stripper Clip by Peter Hayes

A good stripping basket (like the Strip and Feed Research) will obviously be the ultimate boat fly line control device but what about when you are away from the boat. When you are traveling or trying to get into small cramp places a waist one will work but that is not always practical either.

Some one tagged me a post today about a fly line control mechanism that from the video seem to work pretty well. it’s worn on a belt and clips/control the fly line as you strip it in. When you cast it out it flows out effortlessly.

The video is a 2013 so I figure this would be available but to my surprise it is not.

Their Facebook page state they are still not available as of this writing August 2014 due to tooling issues.

I guess until it becomes available(if ever) we will always wonder if this really works as well as the demo video.