Going Down To Tuna-Town

Well, since  Jay Riordan stole my thunder on the Tuna fishing report I planed to post  I’m going to wing this months blog… I guess since Jay showed you how to catch em, I will show you how to cook em! There are several ways to eat your fresh caught Tuna, they include seared, raw or rolled into sushi or sashimi. Notice I did not mention anything about cooking it. A common mistake some  people make is cooking their tuna all the way through.  PLEASE DO NOT ruin fresh caught Tuna by cooking it all the way on the grill or God forbid baking it in the oven. Christ himself will not let you in the gates of heaven for an atrocity of this magnitude. I have cooked it all three ways to show you what the final results should look like. Enjoy!

>If you want it raw (my personal favorite) simply slice against the grain and serve with a little wasabi, avocado, soy and Siracha sauce:


>If you are going to sear it the link below is a simple and delicious marinade and recipe to follow:

Marinade & Recipe 

Tuna 1

>If you want to try your hand at rolling a little sushi this is a great instructional video that helped me with my first roll:


Take care, Sawyer