Flying saucer of skiff, the ultra skiff 360

Found this on FB and thought I would share it.

By far a very different concept in skiff.

A totally round portable one man skiff, no trailer needed if you have a truck.

Rotor molded like a kayak and weighing in at 110 it becomes a super stable platform. Stable enough to stand, fish, throw a castnet and even use a dive platform.

It is mainly trolling motor driven and the video said it can be paddled. The strakes on the bottom keeps it from sliding and from the looks of the video seems to do it’s job at least in fairly calm waters.

From their website the price starts at $1595.00

*Updated May 2016: Another alternative to a similar concept is Round About Water crafts based in Tampa Florida. Based price is $1095.00 delivered.

ultraskiff 360