Trolling Motor Plug Solution “Battery Tender”



As a flats boat owner and inshore fisherman it is almost necessary for me to use a trolling motor, at least once in a while. One of the most frustrating problems I encounter is corrosion in my male and female connections. Because my plug is mounted on the bow of my boat I often get salt water in female connection. As we all know it only takes one drop of saltwater and within a few days you have to replace the entire socket. This can become rather expensive and time consuming once you start replacing two or three units a year. I won’t even get into the frustration that occurs when the trolling motor dies 10 mins after you start to work a flat and you have to fish the rest of the day without it.


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I think I have found the solution…. Battery Tender offers a power connector plug with a copper (silver platted) locking spiral pin. This offers an anti-corrosive component with a virtually water tight seal.  Another great aspect is the connection, instead of the traditional “screw-to-wire” system, Battery Tender uses ring terminals which prevent wires from slipping out of the unit or getting too hot and melting the plastic or rubber surrounding the wire. What I found most impressive was the instillation process. I literally installed the entire system in about an hour. I have had the BT system for about three weeks and so far no problems, I leave it connected at all times and spray it down after every use.

The product retails at $40-$60.


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