Spring high tide fishing, Jerkbait saves the day, Shiner PlastiX

I have to tell you that I feel the fishing for me at least has been a tad off this spring in my area. Not that there isn’t fish around they are just hard to get at.

When the tide rises the fish tend to get waaaaaaaaaay back inside the mangroves. Using bait would work but since I’m mainly a artificial kind of fisherman it has been tough on these tides.


Using jigs has worked great for me on low tides but when they are in the bushes the jig can only work but so well. I have been casting near the mangroves and pulling fish here and there with jig but for the most part they have been small reds and the bite minimal. Trying to get the jig deep in the mangroves would get stuck or it just does not skip very well due to the head heavy weight distribution.



The other day I went fishing with my friend Rick and he caught a nice redfish using a jerk bait skipping it way back in the mangroves.  Rigged with a weightless weedless worm hook it wasn’t getting stuck in the branches. This reminded me I actually use to do that but have gotten away from it in recent years.

I gave it a go one afternoon on high tides and  it actually worked with decent fish caught. I fished for 2 hours alone and mange 3 snook and 2 redfish which is not too shabby for artificial lures.

Essentially I would find hang overs where there is room to skip under and try to get it deep. Then using a slow pauses I make the lure look like a dying bait. If it was  snook the strike was almost immediate. When it was redfish it took a bit after the skip then the strike. It is quite exciting as you can see most of the attack.

Just a simple change in tactic resulted in better catches. Figuring it out is what keeps me coming back for more.

———————Stuff I used———————-

I used the Logic Lure Plastix in shiner color pattern but any jerkbait will work weedless.



The best weedless worm hook I’ve found so far has been the Owner twist lock hooks. These things are super sharp, strong and keeps the jerk bait on the hook.

owner twist lock

If you only have just a regular worm hook they work just fine. Here is a video I did with Mark Nichols of DOA lures on how to rig jerk baits.