Miami Peacock road trip April 2014

One of the cool thing about living in Florida is the variety of fishing we have pretty much year round. Not only our native species but also species found only in south America like the Peacock bass which now lives in the south Florida canals. These guys are aggressive and fight very hard for their size. They grow upwards of 20lb plus but in these canals the state record remains about 10lbs which is quite solid. Mos fish however probably average 1 to 2 lb with a good fish being about 5lbs.

Last week Hank and made the long 4 hour drive to Miami to fish for Peacock Bass. We left the house about 6am. Since These fish like warm weather being there at first light is not essential.


The lure of choice from my experience is crank baits. Though the are more than willing to hit top water you will get more eats subsurface. Crank baits that dive 2 to 4’s optimal I find.



We met Gus at the ramp at the ponds literally connected to the Miami airport and pretty much started casting. In these waters not only will find Peacock but also large mouth bass, jacks, tarpon and other exoctic speacies as well.



The canals though clear and looks clean there were plenty of garbage around. I am pretty sure peacocks though edible probably don’t get harvested much in these airport canal waters.




The first first that came aboard with small large mouth bass and not too long later we had an average pea at about 1.5lbs . After this the bite I must say slowed dramatically.


It was quite slow, three rods constantly casting and very little bite. By noon we only had a couple more smaller fish.


Since we drove 4 hours we stuck it out.We had a fish here and a fish there but over all it was very slow only averaging 1 fish every 30 minutes which was quite unexpected for this time of year.


We fished non stop from 10:30am to about 3pm. We did not stay much longer as to not get caught up in Miami rush hour traffic. We got a few fish with the crank baits but the overall bite was definitely much slower than expected. We will have to return as the temp gets a bit hotter and hopefully the bite will as well. Now I need to ice my elbow and shoulders from cast so darn much!