SuperNova Fishing Lights

After seeing many posts on social media my interest in fishing lights on kayaks was growing. Finally, I was able to see them in person on a friend, Jeff Gabrick’s Hobie while launching in the dark down in Matlacha during a tournament. I decided I needed to research a little further and find out what they were all about. There have been multiple posts regarding fishing lights on facebook, fishing and kayak forums and the name that kept coming up was SuperNova Fishing Lights out of Austin, TX. The website is very informative and they have plenty of selection with multiple sizes, colors and applications. I reached out to the owner, Dez Davis, who happened to be participating on day two of a bass tournament but still made time to take my call. We talked at length regarding his products and applications before I let him get back to flipping frogs. Dez is one of the most down to earth guys that you can come across willing to talk you through what you need and then make it happen. The LED systems that they provide are fully submersible–and saltwater ready. The applications vary from the original SuperNova LED Fishing Light with 290 green 5050 SMD LED’s that are packed in a 24″ waterproof tubing , dock lighting, boat / kayak external LED strips all the way down to small 4 LED strips for cockpit lighting. I chose to go with the Basic Kayak Lighting kit which included: BasicKayakKit

  • Set of 2- 28LED Light Strips, 20″
  • Toggle Switch with Waterproof Boot
  • 3M Adhesion Promoter
  • 6′ Extra 22 AWG Wire and Heat Shrink
  • 2 Wire Management Mounting Pads
  • In-line Fuse Holder and 5-amp fuse
  • 6 Tie wraps

This kit only comes in 2 colors, Blue and Green. I went with the blue. My package arrived 3 days after ordering and included everything pictured on the site.




The installation was pretty easy and as far as electronics go about a 2 on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the hardest. Follow the included wiring diagram and you will be fine. Since I also have the Power-Pole Micro Anchor , I was installing a 2 prong quick connect kit to make it easier to install and remove my battery when not on the water. I ended up hardwiring the two power feeds together into the new quick connect.




First step was deciding where I was going to mount the LED strips. This kit normally is mounted on the outside of the hull but since I have the Hobie PA 14′ I decided that I wanted to really light up the cockpit and mount the strips under each accessory board just forward of the seating area. The placement of the LED in the image below shows the length compared to the accessory board.




I used a 3/16″ drill bit to drill a hole where the power leads would enter on the inside of the kayak’s hull. The next step was to figure out a location for the waterproof toggle switch that would be out of the way but would also not be hard to get to. I decided to mount the switch right below where the edge of my seat reaches.




After verifying all leads and grounds were  correctly connected….and the lights came on, I made soldered all of my connections and then used the provided heat shrink tubing. I then secured all loose wires with the provided wire ties. All of the power and ground leads meet up in the bow just behind my Hobie Sail Mount tube.




Once everything was cleaned up and fully installed it was time to test it out in the garage.


IMG_3370 IMG_3373


These lights are bright. You don’t lose any night vision when on the water because of the high placement of the LED strips under the accessory boards .   I have enjoyed using the light on early morning launches in the pitch dark and have been out a few times for dock lights after hours. I would recommend SuperNova Lights to anyone who fishes from a kayak or boat. Regarding the battery in the install images, I chose this battery because I did not want to have to worry about charging the smaller and lighter batter every time I had a road trip and drained it using the Micro or the lights. Call it what it is…. LAZY and simple. I have had the battery for 2 months now and have not had to charge it once…. but it is a lot heavier than the smaller kit battery available on most kayak sites. Here is one kit available online at Austin Kayak that goes for $112 plus shipping.