Salty fly 2014 presented by Hell’s Bay Boatworks Results





Mike Hodge


RUSKIN, Fla. — They came, they saw, they won a tournament and they made history. All in one day.

Bradenton-area resident Chris Hargiss and his teammate, Mani Pailer, dominated the 2014 Salty Fly with a back-to-basics approach. Others poled their way into position and threw from the bow with long presentations and sexy patterns. However, Hargiss caught his fish on foot with the simplest of flies — the Bendback.

That traditional saltwater standby led to a three-fish total of 83.25 inches, a Salty Fly record, just ahead of second-place Kapers Murph (80.1) and third-place Leigh West and Jay Wright, who amassed 77 inches.

The tournament format called for two redfish and a trout — total inches, photo release, fly only. Hargiss, a Palm Harbor native, won $1,500, which he split with Pailer.

The two fish together often, so Saturday they decided to work close to their home waters in Sarasota. Efficient and effective, they hustled back to tournament headquarters more than an hour before the deadline, which meant a long wait before the official results were announced.

“It was one of those days where everything lined up perfectly,” Hargiss said. “It shows that if you put in enough time, you’ll catch the fish you’ve been looking for. It was just a good day of fishing.”

All of the winning quarry were sight fished, a style of angling Hargiss honed while owning a kayak for several years before buying a Hell’s Bay skiff several months ago.

“(A kayak) makes you dial in on fish,” Hargiss said. “You don’t want to spend your whole day paddling and expending energy to find fish. You learn to pick your tides, the weather and the time of year for different flats. It makes you hone in on the finer points.”

Hargiss, 27, wasn’t the only angler celebrating Saturday evening. Murph was the first solo angler in Salty Fly history to place, and West and Wright were the first team to pull off multiple top-three finishes. The pair took third in 2012.


7 Fly4Fishing Hargiss, Chris Pailer, Manfred 83.250
98 Team Solo Murph, Kapers 80.100
19 Osmotic Pressure West, Leigh Wright, Jay 77.000
43 RCI Optics Lau, Honson Le, Willy 73.500
21 *Tailing Loop Elkins, Bryan Elkins, Susan 72.750
91 *Cirrhosis of the River Kline, Eddie Phillip, Tim 71.750
15 Hung Over Sleeping Chouinard, Dave Hane, Colby 68.000
75 Raw Dawson, Brian Shapiro, Aaron 67.250
17 Green Flash Brue, Jeff Forde, Doug 63.000
18 Hurrah Dean, Marcus McClendon, Fred 60.250
84 Simonetti, Jared Costello, Anthony 60.250
62 Flatz Slobz Angelo, Nick Chamberlin, Bryon 58.500
41 Wang Wilson, John Tylisz, Tom 57.500
31 Redzone Rylard, Alan Vidal, Pepi 49.000
55 Carbon Islamorada Parker, Steven Bandlow, Kelly 47.160
70 Don’t Hate Maher, Tommy Riordan, Jay 47.000
24 Hells Bay Boatworks Dierlam, Chris Hall, Brian 44.500
36 Blackbeard Ravelo, Chris Wior, Mike 42.750
99 The Smithereens Smith, Kevin Smith, Ron 42.000
37 Good Old Biggins Clarkson, Jon Rutledge, James 41.000
27 BARFLYZ Harrell, Jeff Redfish, Ryan 40.750
8 Imperial Polk County Palen, Walt Slager, Joshua 40.250
88 Tie one on Costa, Jared 0 39.000
92 Win Knot Hoffner, Alec Marcey, Brian 38.500
78 Team Cayo Harrington, Ryan Capt. Smith, JB 29.000
87 Backwater Creations Roberts, Brenton Ferrell, Stephen 27.000
14 Black Fly Curley, Ryan Dumas, James 23.000
44 Team Maverick Johnson, Charlie Yergens, Christian 22.500
52 BackCountry Summers, Cas Triano, Phil 22.000
82 Release Marine Kurth, Benjamin Oxnard, Brendan 22.000
35 El Dub Gaines, Barrett Kincaid, Chris 21.000
25 Omni Hippler, Travis Norman, Matt 20.000
48 Fin and Feather Miller, Ryan Wilson, Brent 18.500
59 Kamchatka Survivors Hermann, Jared Knowles, James 16.500
45 Tampa Bay Sight Fishing Reckenwald, Tom Mead, Blake 15.000
30 Prestige Worldwide Maitland, Josh Osgood, Richard 14.500
56 Sofa King Good Diez, Dan Vaccaro, Matthew 14.500