Fishing with the Paul Brown’s Soft-Dine with Krista Tucker

soft dine

I got my hands on the Paul Brown’s Soft-Dine a couple weeks ago but really have not had a chance to use it much. Not that I have not been on the water but just have not been in the right situation to use it much or there was not fish around to even see it.

With falling tides and the air temperature about 40-45 by the time the sun came up the boat run was not very comfy. We eventually came to an area with some depressions that allowed me to cast down wind. With the 15-20mph winds we were not casting up wind today for sure.

Not knowing what that will eat I used the softdine and I got Krista to use a jig. At first there was no life as we drifted slowly down wind. We started to spook small bait fish and this was when I decided to power pole down. With limited work able flats once I find a good area the last thing I wanted to do was run over it.

After 2nd cast I hooked up to a redfish on the soft dine. He hits on the pause. This tells me the love the pause in the jerk jerk pause as I work its way back to me. Still staked out on the same spot I catch another redfish. This prompted me to witch Krista’s lure up to a softdine as well.

Two cast later she had an eat but lost it. Four cast later she brings another redfish boat side. After about 6 fish between us I started to hear the noise of another boat. This normally don’t bother until I saw what type of boat it was. It was a mullet fisherman’s boat crisscrossing the grass flats on full plane in the idle only zone.

After he was done the bite was over. It sucks but what are you gonna do?

After one more spot on the way in we called it a day.

Conclusion, the softdine works great. It casted very well, excellent action and for a soft plastic lure very durable.
The one I caught 3 red fish on looks to be in very good shape still. Now to try to get a big trout on one of these guys.

Yesterday was one of the coldest day in Tampa at 35 degrees lows. Since I already had plans to fish with friend Krista Tucker