Berkley Hot line cutter review, video, mono, braid cutter

hot line cutter review

Berkley Hot line cutter review

I saw this gadget at ICAST last year but never paid much attention to it. Originally it came out at a much higher price but when I saw the drop in price I bought off amazon for $9.95. I figure for $10.00 you can’t really go wrong.

Instead of a blade this gadget uses heat to melt/cut the line. Using on 2 AAA batteries which is included it gets up to 1200 degrees. It cuts thin braid and mono like hot knife through butter.

Once you push/activate the tool it heats up in 1 or 2 seconds. Then for save reasons it recesses back once you release the button. The tool fits in you hand and comes with a lanyard.

In the video I tested up to 100lb mono and 100lb braid wet and dry. The only issue I had was when the 100lb braid was wet it took a bit to cut through it.

Overall for $9.99 on Amazon with free prime shipping to me it’s worth if you like a clean non frayed effortless fishing rig.