Hansom Tackle Aluminum Pliers Review

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After seven years of wear and tear it was about time to hang up the old pliers and find a set of new ones. So I jumped on the internet and researched a few different pairs. One particular pair that caught my eye was the Hansom AP-6T, which is a 6” pair of aluminum pliers similar to the pair I was looking to replace. The Hansom pliers come standard with a lanyard and your choice of a leather or tactical sheath. They retail from $50 for the 6’ pair to $70 for the 8” pair. The size was great, the look was classic and the price point put them at the top of my list.

I immediately e-mailed Hansom Tackle for some more information. Right off the bat a fellow named Ron replied to my e-mail. After several e-mails back and forth I had two pair of pliers in the mail. The AP-8L & AP-6T both arrived at my door step in a matter of days.


– Aluminum Construction

– Replaceable Jaws & Cutters

– Heavy Duty Lanyard

– Available with your choice of leather sheath or black tactical sheath.


After about a weeks use I was able to form an opinion in regards to quality. My first observation was the cutters were excellent. They were strong, sharp and sturdy, making it a one time clean cut. They cut both braided and monofilament line with ease. The spring loaded grip coupled with the interlocking jaws make it easy to grip the hook as well as trouble-free to grab the hook again if the fish moves his head while removing the plug or fly. Another key aspect and maybe most important is salt water tolerance. I purposely did not rinse them for an entire week just to see how they held up. At the end of the week they passed the test and remained rust free! One thing I can’t stand is a rusty pair of pliers.

Lagoon & Hansom (24 of 24)

While I primarily used the AP-6T (the 6” pair) the AP-8L (8” pair) seemed to be a little bit more heavy duty, weighing almost twice as much as the 6” pair. They were a little cumbersome on my back, but definitely a stouter piece of equipment. The wider jaws and heavier design would allow you to grip larger tackle and apply more pressure to bigger fish. They would definitely be great for any off-shore application. Perfect for Tarpon!

Contact Ron with Hansom Tackle at info@hansomtackle.com

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