Fishing Texas Day 2, Sabine Lake with John West

So this is day 2 of my fishing Texas adventure. Today I fish with John West of Blue Mudd Charters. I connected with John through a mutual fishing friend here in Florida, Kris Howell. We tried to get together before but circumstances just did not work out.

The day started off early for me. I was up by 4am to make the 1 hour 15minute drive over to meet John at his house in Beaumont. After quick stop ate McDonald for a chicken biscuit , a coffee and  was actually on time. We loaded up the Ranger Phantom and was on our way in 15minutes. The drive was going to take us at least another 30 minutes. We were to be fishing Sabine Lake.  Another random new place I have never fished so excited to see new scenery.

In the distance approaching the lake, I see lights high in the sky. I am thinking this looks like a big city, why have I not heard of this place? As we approach, it became clear these were not normal buildings at all, they were oil refinery structures. John explains, though the area has created a bunch of jobs for the locals the neighborhood itself however, is quite scary. Note to self: no hanging out in Port Arthur.

Driving through the structure it definitely is quite a departure from the boat ramps in Florida. I love it though, a change of scenery is always cool to see.

We arrived and there were a couple boats that had already a launched but definitely not busy day by any standards. With a surprising 5 to 10mph winds we were off as the sun came up.





The first thing we did after we launched was to look for birds feeding. Since fishing with Clint the day before I knew exactly what to look for.

We stopped at a point where the birds were feeding and we started to pull in small trout and reds.  I had one blow up on the she dog and when I set the hook it took the top water with it. I must have had a nick in the line. I will never know how big that fish was. You know what they say “not makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.”
A few cast later John did that this slow red on the jig he was using.  As the sun came up the bite slowed, the winds picked up so we decided to move on and fish the marshes.




The winds picked up dramatically as it went from 5-10mph to 15 to 20mph which made for some tough maneuvering in the mashes.  We saw a few fish but I have to say, today the fish were a bit finicky. We would cast cast cast.. then we would drift over the spot and the fish would spook off. Quite frustrating knowing you cast there 5 times with out an eat right before.



Finally I found a small pod of fish that decided to cooperate. Success with the mirror lure Lil Jon.


The Lil jon worked out well for this flounder as well.


About noon we picked put the boat back on the trailer,  grab some lunch and relaunched nearby . The tide at this point was slacked so we had to wait a bit. Since I had to be done by 3pm we were pressed for time. Once the tide changed though, the bite turned on quite nicely. John got 2 reds, miss a couple more and I landed my largest Flounder all in one stretch of shore line.

Logic lure jiggly wiggly jighead rigged on a gulp shrimp got this flounder to the boat and into the cooler.





After a couple photos it was time to head in … Thanks Jon for a great trip when I come back next time I promise to have more time to wait for the tide!