Back in Tampa in time for the snook and flounder. And some winter time tips

Today after fishing the Texas waters last week I was dying to get out and wet a line. The winds were blowing 20-25 mph so it was not pretty out side.

After a bit of contemplation I put my big boy pants on and hit the water in the Hobie PA14. Some times the weather man is wrong but he was spot on today with the 20-25mph winds forecast.

I drift the flats at hyper speed and stopped here and there at places that I thought looked promising but to no avail. I was running out of time since I know it will take me a bit to get back going against the winds and waves.

After 2 hours of casting and getting zero rewards and barely seeing any life on the flats I gave up and started to head in. I got to the point where the water was just too shallow for my mirage drive. I got out and tied the rope to my waist. Since it was sunny I could see in the shallow sand flats so I grabbed a rod rigged with a Logic Lure and a 1/4oz jig head.

To my surprise I started to see fish on the shallow sand bars where I was walking. First it was a small shark. Then a snook that was totally oblivious to me being there. I sight casted him while it was only 12′ from me and he did not hesitate.

The next fish not to long after I release the snook was my largest Florida flounder at almost 20″ on the same lure.

I packed it in so I could do some catching up. Some times it pays off to keep fishing when you head back in. Today was definitely the case.

This time of year I like low tide as the fish are concentrated.
I also like jigs as the fish are usually less aggressive and stay on near the bottom on cold days.
On the flats its 1/8th or 1/4 oz jig heads.
I like to fish 1 to 3′ of water, unless I am fishing canals.

These fish caught today were in less than knee high water.