Colorblind Redfish

Here’s some pics from my recent redfish outings. Thought I’d post them in black and white. Seems like a lot of us (myself included)  get caught up trying to enhance our photos with crazy amounts of color and generally over-editing them to death. There’s something a little more honest about a black and white photo, so here ya go. Thanks for checking them out.

SS B&W tailer with grass SS B&W skiff SS B&W Heath release 02 SS B&W white pellys SS whirlpool B&W SS B&W tailer SS B&W grass flat SS B&W eye SS B&W eagle SS B&W groat SS B&W caught fish SS B&W tailer behind grass SS B&W velcro fly SS B&W Jamie running SS B&W caught fish (1) SS B&W Heath release SS B&W running platform