Cayo SUP gen2 fishing Stand up Paddle board

Today I had a chance to test out the new Generation 2 of the Cayo SUP boards. These boards are made specifically for fishing.

34″ wide with a V entry bow, toe rails and rear drains. It makes this boat a very stable and fish able platform.

We paddle against 5-8 mph winds as the sun comes up and the sup handle small chop well and we were able to track nicely. For as wide as it is I was impressed on how fast it paddle. The fit and finish over the gen 1 was greatly improved and well as the weight. At about 40lbs for the 13’8″ is pretty good and I was able to carry it with one hand to and from the truck.

Based price is $1695.00 for the 13’8″ and they go all the way down to the 12′ version at $1250.00

J.B. the owner of Cayo and I manage a couple fish before heading back in. I caught mine on the Savage Gear 3d Shrimp and he got his on the Sebile stick shad.