Power Pole Micro hands on real wolrd saltwater review on the Hobie Pro Angler 14, Production model

As you guys might have known I had the pre production model of the Power Pole Micro a few months back before it was released.  The original prototype was a quick production model so it was not made to be sturdy and since then I had to return the unit to Power Pole.

The debut at ICAST 2013 could not have gone better and the Power Pole Micro ended up winning best of show.

Last week I got my hands on the production model and have been fishing it almost daily. The improvements over the protype unit that I have noticed have been quite impressive.

It now has a full functioning power control allowing you to adjust power level so you can use on a Kayak to boats up to 1500lbs.

The battery meter tells you how much juice you have left. I used mine for 3 days straight and only lost one bar. It is very efficient.

The unit is waterproof, I have dunk mine several times launching it off the dock and each time the unit gets submerged(saltwater) for a few seconds and its working like a champ.

It now senses the end of the pole on the way up. This allows for it to click down to hold the stake out pole in a more stable manner.

The remote is now just like the Power Pole unit. 2 clicks down it deploys until you are stopped, 2 clicks up it comes up until it its fully stowed.

I now can fish my Hobie Pro Angler 14 just a small skiff. Pole the flats until I see a fish and stop or drift the flats until I hook up and stop the boat to fight the fish. I also can drift near a structure and can stop and fish it a lot longer than just drifting by.

The unit can be removed and stowed in your car, hotel room in under 2 minutes. With just a 12 volt source you can move the anchor system from boat to boat. One anchor system for you kayak, Gheenoe, Jon Boat, Small skiff is awesome.

It retails for $599.00 and they say it will be available in January 2014.

At $599 it does come with remote but not a stake out pole. However JL. Marine made the pole a popular size so many of the available manual anchors will work just fine in it like the Wanganchor. (yes I tested it)