Savage Gear TPE Manic Shrimp first impression review

Savage Gear Shrimp

Udate: 4.8.2105

I just got done fishing the Everglades with the shrimp and I have to say, these shrimp are pretty durable. We used it to fish 2-3 of water casting them to pot holes. We caught Reds and snooks on them and only ended up sing one shrimp for the day.

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Savage Gear 3d Manic Shrimp

So there I was at ICAST 2013 in Las Vegas looking for cool things to check out. There are plenty of products to see but believe it or not finding things that are unique is very hard. You have to considering the number of products that are out there especially in the lure department.

There is a new product show case but even then there just isn’t enough time to check them all out much less figure out what each of the lures actually do. Yes it can be mind boggling to a fishing junkie.

On the final day I came across one demo tank that was showing a shrimp lure. Being a saltwater person this caught my eye. I watch it for a bit and noticed it had some great action. I made note of the name and wanted to come back but time went by, I got busy and totally ran out of time.

It was not until the dealer show in Orlando a few weeks later that I saw the shrimp again and it again caught my attention. A few days ago I saw the product on the shelf at a local store Bill Jackson’s in St. Pete Florida and picked up a couple to try.

Besides the action the shrimp was weedless and came in 3 different sizes 2½”, 4” and 5”. I picked up the 4″ and 5″ to try on tailing redfish I have been on via Kayak.

The plastic was tougher than normal soft baits and it had a Nylon mesh infused tail for durability. At retail of $5.99 each I did not want to blind cast it.  Blind casting would risk getting chopped to pieces by bluefish, mackerel, pin fish and other toothy critters, not good.

I had a couple hours of low tide to give it a go. I gave one to my buddy just in case we saw tailing fish. The tide started to get low the tails appear. My first cast with the shrimp to tailing redfish it was an instant hook up. 5 minutes later on his 2nd cast my buddy hooks up on tailers as well.

Ok this baby works. I took some photos and look for more tails. Second cast on the 4″ shrimp instant hook up…. damn it really works.. bink! wth?! my braid broke. Uggghh! Now all I have left is the 5″ version.

After about 6 cast with no eat with the larger shrimp I concluded in shallow water the 5″ seems to spook them so I will reserve those for mangroves, pot holes and docks fishing.

My first impression for the Savage 3D manic 4″ shrimp:

  • 3D scanning catches both fisherman and fish.. win win
  • Functional weedless concept separates them from the rest of the shrimp.
  • At $5.99 each it’s pricey but to me it’s worth it if you use them to sight fish and not target toothy species.
Savage Gear 3D manic shrimp
Savage Gear 3D manic shrimp
Savage 3d Manic Shrimp
Savage 3d Manic Shrimp


Savage 3d Manic Shrimp
Savage 3d Manic Shrimp

PS. the Wang Anchor works great with the Power Pole Micro