Sneak Peak… New Maverick Mirage HPX-S

There is something brewing at Maverick Boat Company. With the revamping of the classic 17 Mirage HPX-V, the HPX-Micro retired to be replaced with a completely new concept. It was time to build a shallow water skiff to much better meet the demands of anglers in today’s market. Introducing, the Maverick Mirage HPX-S.

The HPX-S was redesigned from scratch and implements the latest in space aged material and construction technology that Maverick offers. This is a whole new breed of skiff, as evident by the evolved lines and chines. The new HPX-S has a target draft of less then 6 inches. Speculation suggests the “S” designation either stands for “shallow” or “sub 6”. In today’s world of power choices, it seems a 60 or 70hp motor suits this type of skiff best for holeshot, load carrying capability, and speed; therefore the new HPX-S will carry a 60hp or 70hp max rating. There is much more bow entry on the HPX-S, making for a soft smooth ride when tabs go down and the entry is used to dampen the ride in a big chop. This is the classic sharp entry to near flat deadrise rear design that is very popular in Florida waters; yet this bow’s V is designed much like that of the HPX-V Mirage. At a total length 17ft 8inches, the extra length will allow for a better ride quality in bigger waters as well as help the skiff glide well when pushing from the poling platform. The fact that there are no sponsons will also allow the HPX-S to be very agile on the pole as well as allow the skiff to run with much more bow lift. The slightly rounded transom edges also help in reducing the pressure waves usually sent off when spinning a skiff. To deck configuration has also been updated to reflect the top of the rest of the Mirage fleet with huge bow storage, gas tank against the rear bulkhead, center livewell aft, and 2 side storage compartments aft. It will be very exciting to see the test performance results in the coming weeks as this skiff is set out to be an extremely versatile shallow water technical poling skiff.

Summary of Tech. Specs
LOA: 17’8″
Beam: 74″
Draft: <6" Max HP: 60hp or 70hp Hull Weight: 268lbs IMG_4028










Stay tuned… more to come shortly.