HDR 1 Image


While out and about killing some time in London yesterday, I wanted to HDR this scene

HDR usually requires you to blend 3 / 5 / 7 / or 9 exposures into one; but….

If you have moving objects, you’ll get Ghosts; that’s movement of parts when you merge images together, and here I did not want that


With CS6 / Camera Raw I over exposed the image, then saved it

I reopened the image and under exposed the next file, then saved it

Then I combined all 3 with Photomatix Pro and voilla

HDR end results

Details in the highlights and Details in the shadows

Not my preferred way, but if you want a pure 100 % ghost free file, this is how

Better detail : www.pbase.com/hdp/image/151756469

Rick De Paiva