T-Bone Bed Extender

If you own a truck and kayak fish, chances are that you use a bed extender.  I have opted for a bed extender for years because it makes loading and unloading very simple.  One of my frustrations about bed extenders is that I have to replace them every 2 or so years because they either rust through or break when they bottom out while pulling into a driveway.  Fortunately it looks like the guys at Boone Dox have finally provided kayakers with a solution that should put an end to rust through’s and driveway bottom outs:  The T-Bone.


The T-Bone is like no other bed extender on the market.  For one, it is aluminum powder coated which means it won’t rust.  It’s ergonomic design curves away from the road, eliminating the possibility of bottoming out on driveways or when going up steep inclines.  It is very compact when it comes to storage, the extender slides into itself requiring about half the storage space of a traditional extender.  It is very light weight at 15 lbs (~less than half the weight of other extenders), but it is still very strong.





At 189.99, some might think its a bit pricey, but for the last bed extender you will ever have to buy, its a bargain considering most other bed extenders cost between $70-$140, especially since they only last a couple of years.

To recap the benefits:

  • Does not rust
  • Will not bottom out on driveways or on other steep gradients
  • Strong Construction
  • Light Weight (~15 lbs)
  • Smaller foot print


I bought mine from Economy Tackle/Dolphin Dive in Sarasota, but you can find them at the following locations in Florida: