Icast 2013 coverage: New for 2014 shimano Stradic CI4 pluse, ci4+

New for 2014 from Shimano is the Stradic CI4 plus or CI4+

This is one of my personal favorite for flats fishing for redfish snook and trout. It’s super light weight and reasonably priced.

More details on exact specs and improvements (besides being more rigid) Later today.





RVINE, Calif. — ICAST 2013 Introduction – Whether it’s lightweight finesse fishing

for bass, or the need to make quick casts to schooling redfish or bonefish in the salt,

anglers are introduced to lighter, more rigid spinning reels with the new Shimano Stradic

CI4+ series. With ultra-light frames and sideplates constructed with Shimano’s new

CI4+ reinforced carbon fiber, a superlight CI4+ Magnumlite rotor and spool, and X-Ship

technology for power efficiency, the new Stradic CI4+ line-up includes the microclinedesignated STCI4-1000FAML, the STCI4-1000FA, STCI4-2500FA, STCI43000FA and


Shimano originally developed its ‘Carbon Interfusion’ process for higher-end

bicycle components to make brake brackets and front chain rings lighter and more

durable. “On our fishing side, lighter and more durable is always a goal for fishing reels,”

said Robby Gant with Shimano’s product development staff. “When we introduced the

first CI4 material in Stradic reels in 2009, they were extremely well received by anglers

– plus earned ICAST ‘Best of Show’ honors that year. By using our new CI4+ material,

along with X-Ship and the Magnumlite rotor and spool, we’re able to take the light and

durable concept to another lever.”

Along with the fishing comfort from lighter material, and having the durability

and power to handle bigger fish – plus resist any possible corrosion from use in saltwater,

anglers can make quick, easy adjustments with Shimano’s Rapid Fire Drag (not featured

on the STCI4-1000FAML). The new Stradic reels also feature Shimano’s Paladin Gear

Durability Enhancement, Propulsion Line Management System and six shielded A-RB

anti-rust ball bearings. Anglers will also appreciate the lightweight, high density EVA

handle grip – a paddle shape on the 1000 and 2500 size reel, and sure-grip round knob on

3000 and 4000 size.

Additional features on the Stradic CI4+ reels include Shimano’s Aero Wrap II

Oscillation System to provide uniform line lay and winding shape, a waterproof front

drag, a maintenance port, Fluidrive II, Dyna-Balance, Super Stopper II and a repairable

clicker. Both 1000 size, the 2500 and 3000 reels have 6.0:1 gear ratios, while the larger

4000 size has a 5.8:1 gear ratio.

For ultra light line finesse fishing – great fun to target small stream trout or

hooking into bluegill and crappies, the micro line STCI4-1000FAML is designed strictly

for braided line use and can hold 180 yards of three-pound test. Primarily for freshwater

use, the STCI4-1000FA handles 85-yards of 15-pound test PowerPro braid, or 140-yards

of eight-pound monofilament. Both reels will crank in 29-inches line per handle rotation.

For fishing situations in both fresh and saltwater, the STCI4-25000FA holds 145-

yards of 15-pound PowerPro and retrieves 34-inches of line per crank; the STCI3000FA

– 35-inches of line per crank – handles 145-yeards of 20-pound PowerPro; while the

STCI4-4000FA holds 175-yards of 30-pound test and reels in 37-inches of line per crank.

“At Shimano, we know anglers always look to us for the next innovation in

fishing tackle. With CI4+ we take lightweight and durability another step forward,” said

Gant, “with spinning reels that have the utmost in sensitivity for finesse fishing, plus can

handle the saltwater environment for inshore coastal action in the Gulf or in the tropics

on the flats.”

For more information on the new Stradic CI4+ spinning reels, visit the Shimano web site

– http://fish.shimano.com – call Shimano’s product support team at 877/577-0600 (6 am to 5 pm

Pacific Standard Time) – or see your local fishing tackle dealer.


MSRP: Stradic CI4 1000FAML, 1000FA, 2500FA – $219.99; 3000FA – $229.99; 4000FA – $239.99

Line Capacity Specs:

Stradic CI4-1000FAML

PowerPro braid – 3#/180 yards; 4#/150 yards; 5#/120 yards

Stradic CI41000FA

Monofilament – 2#/270 yards; 4#/140 yards; 6#/110 yards

PowerPro braid – 10#/95 yards; 15#/85 yards; 20#/65 yards

Stradic CI42500FA

Monofilament – 6#/200 yards; 8#/140 yards; 10#/120 yards

PowerPro braid – 10#/170 yards; 15#/145 yards; 30#/95 yards

Stradic CI43000FA

Monofilament – 6#/230 yards; 8#/170 yards; 10#/140 yards

PowerPro braid – 10#/235 yards; 20#/145 yards; 40#/110 yards

Stradic CI44000FA

Monofilament – 8#/240 yards; 10#/200 yards; 12#/160 yards

PowerPro braid – 15#/265 yards; 30#/175 yards; 50#/145 yards