Power Pole Micro from ICAST 2013, preview of the review

The last few months I have been part of the beta testing team for the Micro by Power Pole. I had the chance to use it from the original design to what you see here today.

I am quite impressed from how far the engineer has come from when they started.

The current unit is fast, smooth and quite. It works with any existing 3/4″ stake out poles.

Another bonus to the Power Pole Micro is the fact that it is transportable. You can have one unit and use it for all your vessels quite easily. Being only 7.5 lbs it came be moved from one vessel to another in minutes.

I test everything in Saltwater and so far it has been reliable.

I believe this will change the game for skiff under 1500lb all the way to Stand UP Paddle board fishing.




IMG_4906-EditVlog video of the power pole micro before I a gave the prototype back to Power Pole.

Me fishing out of the new Power Pole Micro installed on a Hobie Proangler 14.

Power Pole Micro Product intro video I put together

Power “Stealth” 60 Watt low RPM high torque electric motor.
Deployment speed 1.2 ft. per second
Weight with Clamp 10 lbs
Weight without Clamp 7.5 lbs
Mounting Bracket Footprint 4.09” x 5.60”
Transom Clamp Footprint 3” clamping thickness; 3.3” vertical x 6.2” horizontal area taken on transom
Housing unit IP 68 Environmental Resistance (1-2 meter saltwater submersion)
Anchor depth 8.5 ft.
Recommended boat size up to 1500lbs




• Extremely quiet

• Easy installation

• Easily removable for storage or transfer to

another boat

• Pairs with other C-Monster controllers

• Works with other ¾” spikes

• Spike stays in the Micro Driver Unit while

running to your next spot

• 2-year warranty

Micro Driver Unit Includes

• Wireless Remote Control

• Advanced Wireless Dash Switch

• Mounting Hardware

• Fully Adjustable Mounting Bracket

• Electrical cord/plug/battery terminals

• Quick release cord (kayaks)

• Free app (Android operating system only)

• USB Connector – for software

updates and downloads

• Bluetooth®


• Lithium Ion Battery Pack & Charger

– Delivers up to 100 full deployment/

retraction cycles per charge

• 8.5’ Micro Spike

• Adjustable Mounting Bracket

• Transom Clamp-on Attachment

Also compatible with any CM Remote

Controllers and other Power-Pole anchors.

Top-Side Control Features

“Soft Touch” panel on the top of the unit gives

you access to total control.

• Auto Up/Down

• Anchor force adjustment

(Stopping Power)

• Custom programming options

• Battery level indicator both

12V and L-ION

You can even call your moves from your smart

phone with our free app.

8.5’ Spike

Battery Pack & Charger Kit

Cost between $500-$600 if I can remember.