HDR / Compositing

In continuing with art and creativity of photography, my next progression was into the HDR / Composite world
Fake or Real, doesn’t matter; in the end what really matters is what you the Artist or the Client wants
Much of todays commercial adds use composites for reasons from savings to control of backgrounds
I stumbled across PhotomatixPro; a cool HDR software, that can add detail and special effects to an image
The software is a free trial, but will leave a watermark after saving the image; until it is purchased
After editing in PhotomatixPro, I then finish the final edit in CS6
CS6 does have HDR merging; but after some use, PhotomatixPro proved superior for HDR
Here’s an example of a recent composite :
The Beach I shot last summer was located southwest of Melbourne; Australia, near Victoria
The Tampa Model I shot a few months back was at a southwest Florida beach
Rick De Paiva