Salty Fly Bahamas 2013, Long Island Key images and more Calendar shots

As I sit here rendering all the high resolution files to send over to the publishers I figure I will share a couple of them with you guys.

I also want to talk about the Salty Fly Bahamas which will be held Sept 26th to the 29th this year. It is the same thing as last year. You fly in in on Thursday fish for 2 days an fly out on Sunday.

The package includes:

Flight from Fort Lauderdale
Food(all meals except Saturday night when we plan on going out and partying)
Beach front resort accommodation(double occupancy, single occupancy optional)
2 days of wade fishing(skiff fishing optional)


Pretty much all you need to bring is your cloth, fishing gear and a couple bucks for the alcohol.

I will put up the office phone number to call by Monday. Since spots are limited, the people that went last year gets first dibs.

June I will be heading back to Long Island bonefish lodge. I was there last year. With the exception of 2 days the weather was terrible. I still had a great time and caught fish. This year I want to shoot more photos, catch more fish and bring back more imagery to share with you guys.

Here is an image from last year.


A few more photos from the shoot.