The elusive albino Tarpon caught and released in Boca Grande Florida May 2013.

This past holiday, fun was definitely not in the cards for me. I was up at 3am Sunday as I have to be in Boca Grande by 5:45am. Then I could not stay to hang at the sand bar after as I had a shoot on Monday.

But enough of my first world problems. I was hired to shoot some team photos of the Reactor Watch team. While on the boat with Capt. Justin Cauffman  we were casually talking about tarpon fishing.  They happen to mention that a friend of theirs, Nick Wiegner had caught and released an Albino Tarpon. Being the skeptic that I  am, I asked for the photo. Sure enough it was not your normal everyday tarpon. The fish definitely sure looked to be albino to me as well.

I came home and Google it and sure enough there has been sightings.  It  has never been caught nor were there photos however. This Tarpon caught and released by Nick Wiegner is the first photo of an Albino Tarpon that know of. I’m happy to bring it to you on

***Awaiting better photo.***



Photo 2013-05-28 07.52.21 AM

Bass action shot I got from the 2014 Calendar shoot.


Photo 2013-05-28 07.52.12 AM