Weekend Round up, Tarpon from the boat, Tarpon from the Kayak, More Florida Sportsman Calendar Shoot.

After a day much needed rest and catching up on sleep the last two day was a a continuation of hectics scheduling.

Saturday I was up at 3am to make the drive down to Boca Grande. I was hired to shoot some action team photos for Team Reactor Watch. I was suppose to be there by 6am so I had to be driving by 4am.

The bite in the pass wasn’t great and the fish they hooked was eventually lost to shark. Sad but this time of year the big sharks in Boca are ravenous.

By noon I was back at the ramp as I had to be home to get cleaned up rest and off to another gig. This next gig was for a fellow fisherman Thomas Cope. He wanted to me to take reception event photos in Ozona Florida another 3 hours away in the “opposite direction” of Boca. After food and rest I was there by 6pm.

By 10am I was driving home and needed to be asleep. The next morning is another 3am wake up call. I had to load they Kayak and gear which took extra time. This trip was to fish for Tarpon in Kayak. The drive took me 1:30 minutes we were launching as the sun was coming up.

Though the conditions were slick calm, there were not much fish to be seen. Actually we saw nothing until almost 10am. The appeared but were not eating anything we had. The threadfins were thick and we even had crabs. They wanted nothing to do with it. We were done by 1pm… hungry and thirsty.

by 2pm on the drive back I was almost falling asleep on the wheel…it’s starting to catch up to me. As I type this, the alarm is set to 4am.. I have to get to sleep soon so I can get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight!

ps. More Florida Sportsman Calendar Shoot photos coming up soon. (you are welcome)