Tarpon season in Boca Grande 2013: First trip with Robert McCue

Had the opportunity to ride on a charter today with Capt Robert McCue down in Boca Grande Florida.

If you do not know Boca Grande is consider by many to the Tarpon fishing capital of the world and for good reasons.Every year starting in May, Boca is the main stopping point for migrating giant tarpon. The get in the pass and feed on bait and crabs that is being flushed out by the strong summer tides.

Today was my first trip this year down in Boca Grande and also my first time on Robert’s boat. Robert has been tarpon fishing for over 20 years. He is consider a tarpon expert by man so needless to say, I was pretty confident he knew what he was doing.

Waking up at 3am and meeting at 5am was the only part that kind of, for lack of a better word.. “sucks”. Not this would normally be an issue, but this week, I had a lack of sleep nd was feeling a bit run down.

After picking his client, we got to the spot before the sun even came up and listen for rolling fish. It did not take long and pods of fish started to show up.

The bite was excellent in the morning and slowly tapered off. We were on the fish the entire time, but as you know, when they don’t eat they don’t eat.

The day ended about 11am when the client wanted to end the trip as they are fishing the next day as well. We ended the day with 6 eats, most were in the morning, and landed one.

It was a good trip with lots of fishing being seen and I capture some cool shots. With the low ratio of hooked fish opportunity for jumping shots were minimal however.

The jumping is very substandard but wanted to show them to you guys before I delete them. I will have to return soon to get better shots that is for sure.