Near Shore fishing adventure with Jason Stock, April 2013

I have known Jason for a few years now. Back in the day he was guiding out of kayak and still does depending on the conditions.

These he fishes and guides out of Sarasota/Bradenton Florida area and added a nice bay boat to his JMSnooky guiding services.

Usually when Jason and I go out fishing it has been a pretty good day more times than not. Well with the exception of the “bayou” where we are cursed every time.

It has been a while since Jason and I got out on the water. The schedule just have not been working these past months but today it came together and I was there to meet him and his brother Jeremy at the ramp at 8am.

The day started off a bit slow no tide movement and iffy weather. I was hoping it would not be one of “those” days.  We decided to do a little near shore fishing. To me near shore means 15 miles or less. In this range you can see land still.

This time of year(spring) the fishing can be excellent and today it was.

The day started off a bit slow but once the tide started to flow the bite turned on nicely.

We started to catch gags, sharks, king fish, cudas,  a few permits. We ended the day with an excellent flounder bite and a cobia to top off an excellent day of fishing.

This time I actually got to fish so I actually have photos of me fishing. Yaaay! 🙂