Fishing for 2 hours at a time equals lots of fishing time, big snook, big redfish, big trout

Every time I come on there and post, I say things like:  “I have not fished in a while, I’ve been busy.. “.

Well this time I am not going to say that.  Even though I have been busy and I have not gone on any trips lately, I have been fishing quite a bit the last two weeks.

Since I live near the water, it is easy for me to go for a couple hours here and there, fitting the fishing in.  Small two to three hour trips during optimal tide and conditions have been more productive than not.

For the most part for ease of prep, launching and cleaning it has been on the kayak.(Hobie Pro Angler 14)

The snook has been out and on the feed the last two weeks. I have heard tarpon are being caught as well as reds and big trout on the flats. Spring fishing in Tampa bay is here.

Here are the  fish photos from the last two weeks.

Today I will be on a shoot but will be posting up the rules and details about the first G.Looms owner’s tournament in Sarasota April 21st this weekend.

This snook was caught last night on zara spook top water after I saw them busing a pod of mullet at sun set.


The Gold Rush has been working for sunset fishing especially for snook.


Rat reds under the mangroves at high tides. Use a heavy jig head 1/4 oz to  get to the bottom. Casting skill is a must using arties on higher tides in Tampa.


Chuck with a fat tournament fish. I fish with Chuck and his buddies down in Sarasota for the Sticken’ Pigz tournament. No shortage of fish down there right now including some monster trouts being brought in.


Casting around one morning I hooked this 28″ redfish. That day the dark colors did not work they wanted the clear with silver glitter.


My personal best trout at 27″ same day as above .. silver glitter clear DOA cal.




Cheap jig head with a Logic Lure logix plastic


Good old shrimp!


Silver Fleck Logic Lure.. was the key in New Port Ritchey as we were “scouting” for a shoot later that week.