Physique shoot Britney, photography

This is not fishing related but it’s definitely photography related so I figure I would share with you guys.

Yesterday I had a chance to work with physique class competitor Britney. She is 10 days away from her competition and is at about 10% bodyfat.

Much respect for her dedication. Besides training almost daily she gave up a lot of social life as well as being forced to eating plain chicken and broccoli for almost every meal for like a few months.

Since this was my first studio physique shoot I did a little research. The key is to have a dark to black background that is not lit. Lighting was to be from the sides to create higher contrast of the muscles. The only thing I did not have a was hair(over head) lighting.

Britney is very athletic and did a great job with the poses.

Here are a few of shots I got from the two hour shoot.