The Best Spill proof Coffee Mug for boats, cars, paddle boards, and kayaking.

I don’t know about you, but when I go fishing early in the morning I like to drink some coffee to kick my brain a bit.  Unless it’s a very long commute I  bring it on the boat/kayak with me. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee on the water.

Nine out of ten times however,  I end up spilling it all over the boat. This sort of things is quite annoying.

Buying a cup holder would work but I wanted something I could take with me. I fish from my boat, other people’s boat, stand up paddle board and kayaks. I wanted a solution that will work for them all.  A cup holder, besides being limited to a one size mug,  most cannot be removed and used on other vessels.

The last few months I have been on hunt to find the perfect coffee mug for boating. What I needed was wide based non skid bottom mug with insulation that holds hot liquid for a few hours.

A couple days ago I believe my search has come to an end. I have found a spilled proof, double lid, 22 oz, double insulated stainless steel, wide base silicone covered bottom coffee mug. My dreams come true! I quickly press the buy now button.

I tested yesterday out on the water.  During a shoot, I drank sparingly testing the how long it held the heat. The java was bought at 8:30 am as I drove to the shoot location. I drank some along the way and at 2 pm it was still hot. The air temperature was in the 60’s and by 6 pm it was still warm! I was sold.

The double spill proof lid works as predicted and at 22 ounce capacity it is plenty for coffee. The wide base held the mug during normal idles and short runs no problem. This will work perfect for all the vessels I will be fishing out of  as  well as the dash of the truck too.

They run about $25.00 dollars off it’s worth every penny.

Click here if you want to check it out

 photo spillproofcoffeemug_zps602b7039.jpg